Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Summer in ONE Word: SCORE

Summer 2012: SCORE


Sharing: Summer 2012 proved to be a great one.  I spent a lot of time sharing information with others.  Weekly WOW sessions were a success.  This makes me excited for the New Year.

Connecting: This had to be my favorite part of the summer. Not only was I able to connect with family and friends, but was able to make awesome connections with other professionals in education who have a passion for technology in education.  Thanks to Twitter and my #PLN

Organizing: Although I spent time organizing trainings, I was also successful at organizing thoughts full of the awesome technology ideas and tools I have gained this summer.  Tools like Evernote (thanks to @Mandery) have kept me on my toes and more organized.

Reflecting: I also spent some time reflecting on technology trends, tools and am excited to share these ideas with students and staff.

Energizing: This has to be the most energizing summer I have had.  There is just something about surrounding yourself with others who display positive energy and ideas for technology.  I am thankful for the many opportunities this summer had to offer and am ready to SCORE this school year!  Let's "PLAY BALL!"