Monday, February 9, 2015

Summer Bucket List: PD to fill your Bucket

Does this beautiful weather have you thinking about Spring or even summer?  Have you started planning your summer fun?  Well, do I have a deal for you....

Be sure to mark your June calendars for some Bucket Filling PD:  This summer I will be conducting technology PD with a different twist.  The theme will be filling your bucket with tech tools and ideas.  There will be six 90 min PD sessions full of tools and ideas that will have your bucket overflowing.
Theme: Summer Bucket list
Bucket #1: Flip Floppin’ photo apps

Bucket #2: Getting Wet with Weebly 

Bucket #3: Sunglasses, Sand and SAMR

Bucket #4: Visors, Vacation and Visible thinking tools

Bucket #5: Campfires, and chrome apps

Bucket #6:  Cooling down with creation and collaboration tools

Bucket #7: Beach Balls and blogging

Bucket #8: Diving into Digital Citizenship

*** Stay tuned for more details and specific dates for this bucket filling good time!