Monday, September 14, 2015

"Falling" into a routine...

With a new school year comes new routines, procedures and schedules.  Like many of you, I find myself adjusting at home and at school.  Whether, it is transporting my kids to daycare/school, traveling to various schools, or collaborating with teachers, I find myself adjusting my routines.

Some of these routines involve making time to learn and grow myself.  I am not talking about taking classes.  I am talking about all the opportunities that are available day in and day out just by being connected. Whether it is Twitter, Google Plus, Blog Posts, or Voxer groups, there is always something to learn.  I love that these opportunities are there for me when I need it. If I have a question, I simply post, tweet, Vox or text and BAM, I have suggestion in minutes. Many times I don't have a question, but by following so many awesome people and hashtags on Twitter, lurking allows me to learn more than I could imagine.   The opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn from so many awesome educators around the world is amazing.  And just think, with technology our students have these same opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn!!

Obviously, "Falling" into a routine means making the time to learn  and sharing what I learn with others. So as I work to balance and expand my own learning, I also want to focus on the endless possibilities for students. Personally and professionally these routines will allow me to become a better teacher parent, friend, and life-long learner.