Monday, September 14, 2015

"Falling" into a routine...

With a new school year comes new routines, procedures and schedules.  Like many of you, I find myself adjusting at home and at school.  Whether, it is transporting my kids to daycare/school, traveling to various schools, or collaborating with teachers, I find myself adjusting my routines.

Some of these routines involve making time to learn and grow myself.  I am not talking about taking classes.  I am talking about all the opportunities that are available day in and day out just by being connected. Whether it is Twitter, Google Plus, Blog Posts, or Voxer groups, there is always something to learn.  I love that these opportunities are there for me when I need it. If I have a question, I simply post, tweet, Vox or text and BAM, I have suggestion in minutes. Many times I don't have a question, but by following so many awesome people and hashtags on Twitter, lurking allows me to learn more than I could imagine.   The opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn from so many awesome educators around the world is amazing.  And just think, with technology our students have these same opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn!!

Obviously, "Falling" into a routine means making the time to learn  and sharing what I learn with others. So as I work to balance and expand my own learning, I also want to focus on the endless possibilities for students. Personally and professionally these routines will allow me to become a better teacher parent, friend, and life-long learner.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Power of Choice

Following any training, staff development, or conference I attend, I always take time to reflect on the new things I learned, things I want to change, and things that can help me do my job better. Reflections truly allows me to sort out the awesome content and brainstorm ways to use the new things I gained.

A recent in-service on February 27th was no different. This in-service day had a variety of sessions for everyone.  From Marzano learning targets to ALP strategies to awesome tech integration ideas, there was something new for everyone.  This very "modified" Edcamp style day focused on choice.  Teachers had several choices and were able to take control of their learning.  I think they key word here is "CHOICE".  I focus on this word because much of the feedback I received that day involved that simple word.  Several teachers mentioned how much they liked having these choices.

So as I reflect on the day and the feedback I received, I continue to reflect on this power of choice.  If the power of choice means so much to teachers when they are learning, what does that mean to our students?  What choices do students have for their learning?  How often do they have choices?  What happens when they have opportunities to make choices?

I think there is a lot of power in choice.  We all like opportunities to choose.  So as I continue my goal to make learning visible and to blog about learning,  I challenge you to think about the choices and how they can empower learners.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Summer Bucket List: PD to fill your Bucket

Does this beautiful weather have you thinking about Spring or even summer?  Have you started planning your summer fun?  Well, do I have a deal for you....

Be sure to mark your June calendars for some Bucket Filling PD:  This summer I will be conducting technology PD with a different twist.  The theme will be filling your bucket with tech tools and ideas.  There will be six 90 min PD sessions full of tools and ideas that will have your bucket overflowing.
Theme: Summer Bucket list
Bucket #1: Flip Floppin’ photo apps

Bucket #2: Getting Wet with Weebly 

Bucket #3: Sunglasses, Sand and SAMR

Bucket #4: Visors, Vacation and Visible thinking tools

Bucket #5: Campfires, and chrome apps

Bucket #6:  Cooling down with creation and collaboration tools

Bucket #7: Beach Balls and blogging

Bucket #8: Diving into Digital Citizenship

*** Stay tuned for more details and specific dates for this bucket filling good time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Move it

I know I can't speak for everyone, but here in Nebraska, this weather really gets me excited to move and be outside.  I know all of you in the Northeast are jealous!

 #firedrillweather as my friend +Laura Kroll describes it!

 With these unseasonable temps in January, students seem just as anxious as us to be outside.  Although this is not always possible during the day, you can use the awesome Extension Move it (that my friend +Shelly Mowinkel shared with me) to get your students up and moving periodically during the day. It doesn't get you outside, but does allow for some fun movement in the classroom.  This tool allows you to schedule those necessary "brain breaks" and easily incorporate movement activities that are so important regardless of the weather. So... Let's "Move it, Move it".