Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Power of Choice

Following any training, staff development, or conference I attend, I always take time to reflect on the new things I learned, things I want to change, and things that can help me do my job better. Reflections truly allows me to sort out the awesome content and brainstorm ways to use the new things I gained.

A recent in-service on February 27th was no different. This in-service day had a variety of sessions for everyone.  From Marzano learning targets to ALP strategies to awesome tech integration ideas, there was something new for everyone.  This very "modified" Edcamp style day focused on choice.  Teachers had several choices and were able to take control of their learning.  I think they key word here is "CHOICE".  I focus on this word because much of the feedback I received that day involved that simple word.  Several teachers mentioned how much they liked having these choices.

So as I reflect on the day and the feedback I received, I continue to reflect on this power of choice.  If the power of choice means so much to teachers when they are learning, what does that mean to our students?  What choices do students have for their learning?  How often do they have choices?  What happens when they have opportunities to make choices?

I think there is a lot of power in choice.  We all like opportunities to choose.  So as I continue my goal to make learning visible and to blog about learning,  I challenge you to think about the choices and how they can empower learners.

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