Thursday, June 7, 2012

WOW: (Wired On Wednesdays) Living up to its name

I never could have imagined how "big" this WOW idea would become. Yesterday's WOW session on iMovie with featured iMovie expert @mrbadura, proved to be yet another successful morning. We had approximately twenty-five people in attendance. The best part was seeing that all five schools in the district were represented. The enthusiasm was tremendous, as you will see in the iMovie clip below. When brainstorming this whole WOW idea, I imagined a few teachers who work closely with me coming just to support me and my efforts. Little did I know, I would soon receive emails and tweets with questions and inquires about WOW and the weekly topics?

The idea of WOW is to provide short, informative information/training on a couple of tech tools or apps and allow participants time to "play" while in the presence of a techie to provide support. When choosing to only go an hour at a time, I felt this would keep people in the mindset that they were not giving up an entire day or half of a day to attend. I like to compare it to a "lunch date". We all know that teachers like to schedule lunch dates in the summer because they have the time. WOW is like a “lunch date” where teachers can get together for an hour and get excited about technology.

 The first three sessions have been absolutely wonderful. A quote I must share from this week is this: "I am so excited about this new technology that I don't even mind school starting on August 9th." This is one example of how WOW has proven to be a successful idea and it has taken off. I am excited for what the future of WOW holds.