Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Individualized PD: My Failed Success

There have been several blog posts, tweets and references at conferences about the importance of individualized PD for Technology Integration.  This is something I thought a lot about last year and even more over the summer.  These thoughts prompted me to a summer offering of Tech On Demand.  Although I believed this was a great idea and felt I would have several take me up on this opportunity, I didn't.  This brought me back to the drawing board as far as expanding opportunities for more individualized PD.  I didn't have any new ideas, just thoughts, passion and a drive to provide learning opportunities for all.

So... weeks have passed since my Tech On Demand "defeat".  I decided to "own" this defeat and continue.  Thinking about some tips I gained from my own summer trainings I decided that I would continue to focus on the following:

1. Building relationships
2. Being available
3. Offering support

I knew these things were KEY as our school transitioned from  1:1 iPads to 1:1 Chromebooks. Another year began and like any other, it was busy. Trainings took place, I offered support, and tried to make a point to be available as much as possible. What I had realized was that scheduling individualized (open) PD opportunities wasn't a lot different than any other "planned" session. Many still didn't know what they didn't know.

This photo represents week TWO of school with Chromebooks and an "impromptu" personalized PD session after school this week.  At one point I had seven people in my office seeking help and suggestions.  It was not planned. It was on their own "need to know" schedule.  The best part... They were helping each other more than I was helping.  I was at the center of facilitating personalized PD.  The conversations, enthusiasm and excitement were awesome!  My professional goals to build relationships, be available, and offer support were coming together.

As educator, we all have those "favorite" days in education. It may have been a memorable event, lesson, student, or class. August 18th, 2014 is an "official" favorite day in my technology integration journey.

Here's to a year of conversations, sharing and enthusiasm for technology integration.

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