Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Goals, Learning and Podcasts...

It's that time of year again... everyone is setting goals for the new year and brainstorming ways to reach them.  Personally and professionally, setting goals and reflecting on them is important to me. Until earlier this week, I honestly hadn't thought of any particularly "new" goals for 2016, I was still reflecting on recent goals/progress.  When I read +ShakeUpLearning (Kacey Bell) blog post titled "16 Things Teachers Should Try in 2016" my mind was spinning.  Not only was this post a way for me to reflect, but a great way to focus on new goals.  It also fits perfectly with some information I recently shared with teachers in our district regarding all the FREE professional development and learning opportunities surrounding us. I love YouTube. I use Voxer to learn daily. Twitter is my favorite PD. I learn from students all the time.

Looking at this list... as crazy as it sounds, I have not been one to dive into Podcasts.  Several  EDU friends +Kristina Peters +Brent Catlett +Josh Allen +Craig Badura +Devin Schoening participate, share, and discuss podcasts that they love, learn from and recommend.  So.... I have decided that I am going to take the plunge into Podcasts as another way to learn and reflect.

So.... Bring it on, friends!  I am excited to hear recommendations from all of you. What are your favorite educational and/or edtech podcasts?  Maybe we can start a Voxer Group for sharing and reflecting!!  Here's to more learning!!

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