Sunday, August 12, 2012

Engaging with Edmodo

As I began this school year, one thing was certain in my mind; I was gong to use Edmodo.  After a successful year utilizing this great tool with my 8th grade Language Arts students last year, I knew this tool was a "Sure Win" this year.

Not only was I planning to utilize this tool, but our entire Middle School team was also on board.  At a recent team meeting, we discussed ways to engage, communicate and go "digital" in all classes.  Edmodo was the deciding tool to do all of these things in a user-friendly environment.

Last Friday, each student in all of my 6-8 grade classes was given the code to join his/her group section in Edmodo.  Each one of them was new to Edmodo! The excitement, enthusiasm and engagement was immediately evident as they so diligently read recent posts, explored the calendar of events and explored ways to change their profile pictures.

This weekend was full of "notifications" that displayed messages from various students.  The messages ranged from, "My friend can't get logged in anymore." to "I love Edmodo. When do we have homework?"  All of these things were proof of engaged and excited students.  I am so anxious for Monday.  I can't wait to hear more about their first experiences with Edmodo!

As I use this tool to engage, communicate and support, I am expanding the learning environment to one that meets the needs of 21st century student learners. I am excited for what is to come this year!  Here's to  a great year!