Monday, March 10, 2014

Tech Fail Turned Tech Success

Tech fails seem to bring us down AND constitute a little "dwelling" on the negative.  However, when a tech fail turns into a very positive experience it constitutes a blog post.  Yes, I needed to blog and this seems blog worthy today.

Plan "A" today involved a simple afternoon drive over to one of our feeder schools to continue our State Report projects on iPads. The "fail" part comes in when a little miscommunication occurred and the iPads weren't available for the afternoon.  The teacher I was working with asked if I wanted to cancel or if I had a Plan "B".  As I pondered our lesson objectives and the fact I was the only one with a device, I was determined to find a way to expand our study of states beyond textbooks and a Google search.  Twitter and my PLN came to mind immediately. 

My next step was to send out a "tweet" to my PLN asking for fun facts, pictures or quotes about their state.  Hoping to get some feedback and have opportunities for discussion, I was almost ready for Plan "B".  I was not only excited to turn this tech fail into success, but was excited to share this Twitter activity with these students.

Success.... Yes, I said success!  The Plan "B" was a success.  Following our short YouTube video, I opened Tweet Deck.  With the help of an amazing PLN:  (Thanks @mrbadura @mandery @mrszookeeper @mrbalcom @bethEilers @kimberlymeier @lmhere4apolo @prairieCA @Flemtech @ventura_omaha @micheleCMueller @lconley86) The tweets came in and we were able gather some great information using resources beyond the textbook and Google.  

(AND... talk a little about one of my favorite topics #digcit in this process)

Thank you Tech Fail for your time.  This time I conquered you. 

Just a teacher sharing her story :)

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